Scrub-a-dub-dub! New soap refreshes Deerfield’s bathrooms


Students and staff members know the routine. Place your hand under the water, add some soap, sing the A-B-C’s, and dry your hands. None of these steps are meant to elicit an emotional response, let alone be noticed if the details are changed. But, the new mango-cranberry scented soap is bringing out feelings that this school didn’t know it had.

The refreshing scent, foamy texture, and moisturizing ability have all been noticed students and administration alike. The new soap has taken the school by storm and has been a source of positivity during the stressful school day.

“The feedback I’m getting back is people like the soap,” says assistant principal Ken Williams, “they like the scent, they like the weight of the foam, and it’s been really a positive decision.”

As to the reasons behind why the switch was made, both Williams and Deerfield High School building manager Bill Knesley made it apparent that the school is constantly looking to save money and be fiscally responsible, even when it comes to a cost as seemingly insignificant as soap. So while this soap does come with a fresh and fruity scent and fluffy foam, it has financial benefits as well.

“I would say that we’re always on the lookout for saving money and being fiscally responsible,” said the assistant principal. Knesley agreed, saying, “If I even save 1000 dollars a year it’s worth it.”

These changes, while a part of the constant effort to save money on behalf of the district, are also part of an ongoing cause to become more energy efficient. The soap, for example, is made with less detergent, making it more biodegradable and cleaner to dispose of. From changing things like lights, heating and cooling throughout the building, and even the very soaps we use to watch our hands, the school is becoming more and more green by the year.

“We have to do what we can to save the energy we have… not just the electrical [equipment]… but the products we use,” says the Building Manager. “From brand new HVAC to brand new LED lighting, I mean we took the core of the building and converted that.”

Through the constant attempt to become more energy efficient and cost effective, the Board of Administration is taking into consideration the responsibility they have to the taxpayers of the community. Having lower costs in soap and similarly decreasing utilities bills benefits everyone in the community, ranging from the students and staff, to the taxpayers.

“It’s something we do to try and help save the district funds, save money so we can put more into teaching, but also for the taxpayers as well” says Knesley. Williams drives this point further by stating, “I want to promote the products that our students, our faculty are using, and work with it as well, but then at the same time we’re responsible to the taxpayers of our community.”

When initially hearing about all the positive reactions, Williams was both shocked and pleased that such a miniscule change in the daily routine of our lives would have an impact on people. He emphasizes that winning the small battles can have great importance to the school.

“It teaches us a lesson that it really is that about the small things, the seemingly small things, that can have a great significance to some people” exclaims Williams, “I don’t think we should ever lose sight of that.”