New Teacher Introductions – Part One

Hina Matsumoto, Managing Editor

Mr. Martin: Science Teacher

Born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Chicago, the newest addition to the DHS science department, Charles Martin, is teaching Survey Physics and standard Biology this year. Continuing his family’s tradition in attending Purdue University, he pursued higher education there, as well as his brothers. An avid fisherman and a self-proclaimed “outdoor maniac,” Mr. Martin blends his love for the outdoors with his passion for education in his teaching. Despite hands-on learning through labs being such an integral component of science, he works his way around the obstacle of not being able to include them in remote learning by creating a sense of community within the virtual classroom and bringing excitement to computer screens in whimsical ways–such as bringing along his guitar. Mr. Martin credits the unexpected success of virtual learning to “the positive atmosphere that [his class] has created.” He is most looking forward to experiencing the day he is able to meet his students face-to-face and get the opportunity to be more involved in DHS. 


Alyson Creighton: Math Teacher

Alyson Creighton has had experience in education for over a decade and is teaching Calculus and Precalculus for her impressive 17th year of teaching. Outside of school, she is a mother of two children and loves to partake in various physical activities, such as jogging and soccer. 

As a result of being in a virtual classroom, Ms. Creighton highlights the difficult dynamic between being new to DHS and the new classroom structure. “Remote learning has definitely posed many challenges,” she sighs. “The hardest part is not being able to meet my students.” Although she cannot see her students face-to-face, she wants students to feel reassured that she, as well as other teachers, deeply care about them and aim to offer as much support as possible. Her main goal for this year is to “make sure that students feel that they are getting the best learning environment and education that they can.” But despite the obstacles that this school year poses, Ms. Creighton is elated to learn more about DHS traditions and is looking forward to participating in School Chest’s upcoming 5k marathon. 


Deanna Kuzmanic: Math Teacher

Deanna Kuzmanic, born and raised in Illinois and a Wheeling High School alumni, is teaching Standard Geometry and Algebra II Survey this school year. She attended the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she majored in STEM education and minored in math. Outside of being a first-time mathematics teacher, Ms. Kuzmanic is a gifted basketball player and in fact led a successful career playing at professional and college levels, even qualifying to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the Puerto Rican women’s basketball team. 

Despite the difficult obstacles that remote learning has presented early in her teaching career, Ms. Kuzamanic works her way through by aiming to create meaningful connections through computer screens. “One thing I want my students to know is that I am here for you,” she says. “I know it’s difficult–and you’re not alone in that.” 

On the brighter side of this gloomy topic, she coaches the girls basketball team and the boys volleyball team, whom she has been able to interact in-person. However, she is most looking forward to when she gets to physically meet more students beyond the ones who she coaches, and to simply see what it’s like to experience a typical day at DHS.