Teacher Introduction: Mrs. Tomlinson

McKenzie Reitmayer, Staff Writer

Molly Tomlinson, a Deerfield High School alumna, is the newest addition to the DHS athletic department as the Interim Assistant Athletic Director. As a DHS graduate, she finds it interesting to be working besides some of the teachers and coaches that were her mentors as a student athlete. In regard to her mentors turned coworkers, she has had a great experience so far “getting their insights from this perspective now that I’m working with them.” Relating to her job in the DHS athletic department, athletics have always been a huge part of her life. While she was a student at Deerfield High School, she played three sports: volleyball, basketball, and softball.  She even pursued softball at the college level, which she played at the small liberal arts college of Muskingum University. There, she and her team went to the Division III World Series three out of the four years she was on the team. 

Outside of athletics, Mrs. Tomlinson enjoys spending time with her family.  She has two sons, and loves playing and going on adventures with them outside whenever possible. Along with this, she enjoys camping and reading, with some of her favorite titles being focused around leadership and empowerment. The themes of these books are similar to the traits discussed in the Warrior Webinars that she and the athletic department have been proud to create. These webinars focus on varying, uplifting messages regarding athletics, such as cultivating leadership. She was excited to create these to connect student athletes and help them stay knowledgeable on topics they can relate to during this unprecedented time created by COVID-19. On top of this, Mrs. Tomlinson has been busy scheduling the 33 sports offered at Deerfield High School and collaborating with the coaches of each team to ensure their seasons run smoothly.  

Mrs. Tomlinson is particularly excited to start meeting the student athletes of DHS after being unable to do so for a while with the pause on athletics that was recently lifted. Specifically, she’s looking forward to seeing “student athletes compete, participate, hang out with each other, and just enjoy athletics like we know and love.”