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Horia Andrei VARLAN

Image courtesy of Horia Varlan

Rachel Afulike, Staff Writer

Senior Issue 2021 Rebus Puzzles

Senior Issue 2021 Graduation Word Search


1. I come once in a minute,

Twice in a moment,

But never in a thousand years.                 1. _______________________________


2. I always run, but never walk.

I have a bed, but I don’t sleep.

I have a mouth, but I don’t eat.                  2. _______________________________


3. When you put this in a heavy

wooden box, the box will

become lighter.                                           3. _______________________________


4. You hear my sound,

You feel me when I move,

But see me you never will.                          4. _______________________________


5. I follow you all day long,

But when the night or rain comes,

I am all gone.                                               5. _______________________________


6. The more I dry,

The wetter I get.                                           6. _______________________________


7. I am very heavy,

But backwards, I’m not.                              7. _______________________________


8. A cowboy rides into town on Friday.

He stays two days, then leaves on

Saturday. How can this be?                              8. _________________________



  1. the letter M
  2. a river 
  3. a hole 
  4. the wind 
  5. a shadow
  6. a towel 
  7. Ton 
  8. His horse’s name was Friday