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New cafeteria vendor

September 21, 2018

New Interim Superintendents

September 21, 2018

Soaring Valor

September 21, 2018


May 31, 2018


May 25, 2018


April 27, 2018

Two years after state change, DHS is getting used to the SAT

Jessica Apple, Staff Reporter

March 1, 2018

DHS students face new choices this spring as the school enters its second year following the Illinois state mandate that all high school juniors take the recently redesigned SAT. DHS students and administrators alike are reacting...

DPS 109 changes

February 23, 2018

Return to Learn: Closing the gap between concussions and school

Sakina Naqvi, Editor-in-Chief

December 16, 2017

Playing a sport is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things there is to do in high school. There’s not much to dislike: except for when, every now and then, a hit on the head leads to an injury that can seriously impair the...

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