Bachelor episode two: Get the scoop!


It’s only the second episode of this season on The Bachelor, and things are already moving pretty fast. In last night’s drama-packed episode, viewers saw a lot of the girls’ true colors, and those of the bachelor himself.

Bachelor Nick Viall, in a conversation with a contestant, describes the kind of guy he is when in relationships, stating, “Every relationship I have been in I have given my all.” I found this to be quite telling of the type of person he is when in a relationship because it shows that he will be taking this show seriously, and will put everything into each relationship he forms with each girl.

As the episode continues, Danielle M., the bubbly, sweet neo-natal nurse who I think is the nicest of them all, gets the honor of being selected for the first solo date.  It is safe to say many were jealous— especially Liz, who already has history with Nick—  and was dying to have a conversation with him. Liz had been keeping her night with Nick at a wedding of mutual friends secret from the group. However, she had decided to confide in Christin, a fellow contestant, about her secret.

Meanwhile, there was a group date in which some of the contestants participated in a bridal photoshoot with Nick, including all types of wedding styles from shotgun weddings to Adam and Eve. In this segment of the show, contestant Corrine, a major go-getter, takes it to the next level during her portion of the wedding photo shoot when she decides to bare it all in the pool for the camera, and most importantly, for Nick, causing quite the reaction from the other girls. Corinne put it all out there, wasting no time on her hunt to get to know Nick.

I personally have mixed feelings towards Corrine and can’t decide if she is just competitive or insane. However, this gutsy act did earn her more one on one time and a rose at the end of the night… This caused me and the other contestants to reevaluate the type of of girl Nick was looking for. For many, seeing Nick choose Corinne after her risque actions that night, left contestants wondering, “Is Nick looking for a good time or is he looking for a wife?”

As the night ended and the next day came, it was time for Nick’s first one on one date of the season with Danielle M. It was a classic day together on a yacht and a nice intimate dinner, Bachelor-style. Frankly, I was starting to worry that Nick may be bored with Danielle regarding her down to earth and humble personality since he had been showing interest in Corrine, Danielle’s polar opposite.

The date seemed to be filled with small talk and simple conversations. Just when things started to slow down, Danielle opened up to Nick about her past, revealing that she had been engaged five years ago, and had found her fiance dead from an OD on drugs, a traumatizing event for Danielle. After sharing this information, the two seemed to have a much deeper connection and new level of closeness which gave me a taste of what they would be like together as a couple. By giving Danielle a rose at the end of the date provided me much relief that Nick wasn’t just interested in girls like Corrine.

With the next day came the second group date, which Liz, to her delight,  had finally been invited to. On this group date the girls got to participate in an improv group that enacts breakups. In this activity, girl’s participated in improving a  breakup with Nick in dramatic ways. This was a very interesting concept and seemed to be very telling of each girl and her character.

As the activity continued, it was Liz’s turn, and she decided to take the exercise to the next level and talk about the first time she had met Nick, at their mutual friends wedding. When she was done saying her piece, I noticed Nick couldn’t look at her and was nervously fidgeting. I think Nick’s silence and fidgeting was because  he didn’t know whether or not the other women had been made aware about his past with Liz, and  didn’t want them to feel betrayed by him.  He didn’t know if he was going to need  damage control.

Later on in the group date, as they all went to dinner, Liz and Nick finally got a chance to speak as Nick came to the resolution stating “The more I talk to Liz, the less sense she is making,” and decided to send her home. I think this was the right choice, as he challenged her about her reasons for coming on the show, and questioned why she hadn’t reached out earlier; her explanations didn’t add up. Nick had been concerned with her intentions of being on the show as she previously had a chance to be with him, however, denied him at the time, making Nick wonder if she had wanted him, or just to be on TV. Sending Liz home resulted in Nick having to finally confess his secret to the rest of the group about his past secret with Liz, news that came as a complete shock.

Will the girls feel betrayed by this information? Will it make them want to up their game? In the preview of next week’s episode, different girls reactions to this news was showed, and seemed to promise some classic Bachelor drama for next week.