Senior Wills



I, Zac Ambrose, do hereby will… MK, EL, JK, MR- Orig, JS, JG, SF, EP- MUN, HM- fam legacy, JL- eren, TN, WH – Concert

I, Issy Anderson, do hereby will… JA – basement legacy petunia, CD AP MB GS SH ME RL – mems and fam 4life, JB – dunkin and bio vibes, BG – my heart, CR – seaside bathrooms, drives, LG SS OE SH- GVT 4life, SL VB – cool frosh, EP – iHop, LL – $1 hot dog day, IS – quinn and chats

I, Jessica Apple, do hereby will… carrots and (ranch): after-practice food dates, emory gang: a great next 4, LA: car, miraculous s4, superior netflix taste, sister dinners, LA, KWi, RC, AG, especially TL: more doubles, BE: good teachers, KWo: scratch adventures, decisiveness<3, fab four: sebums for life, nour: all my love!

I, Cate Ariano, do hereby will… Rhone: deerfield_pv, Emily and Ari: The Rod, Georgia: A thumbs up

I, Zoë Avila, do hereby will… WDT-round 4 (AW,SB,AL,ER,JS,JP,KC), DCOMPS-my everything, MK,RG-stage right wing arms, laughter, IS-endless facetimes, matching outfits, hugs, car milk, JA-a the best hugs, my forever freshie, SE,AW,LK,IS,MK,LS-thesis meetings, macbeth reassurance, lynn love, RB-zko, rides, tacos, AL-splitting pants, horsey, EG-the best convos, eyes, JF,SE,LT,TY-take care of the fam <3, JA,EF-you belong w me, the gc, LM dancers-classy not trashy, LF,BM-timing, missing socks, RR-getaway car, SO-angel voice, HK-buckarooskie, ER,JP,JS-the back corner, Lynn P6-confidence, appreciation, verbose, all my love, Entrerat-my entire heart, king tward


I, Andrea Balestra, do hereby will… AA- the sequoit legacy, AK- my brain, EH- benergy, SW- setter duties, NM- the ability to put up the antennas, RB- glue, Gsoc- shaq, EN- zoes chin, CM- the trash can

I, Eliza Bankier, do hereby will… It’s been a ride dhs u will be missed… Tribe- my ppl for life thank u for being my best friends cannot wait for a lifetime w u all, JH- briarwood vista, OS- integrated and mitran, KMo- Amy’s parachute shorts

I, Lexie Bergman, do hereby will… 51, ES: chz, SF MR: fockey bench, MD: cross, SS: workouts + kushi

I, Jenna Berk, do hereby will… MB- MY car, parents, grades, AL JV- Marco, rides, DFFH- bench energy, wins, Klaas 6th- biliteracy

I, Sydney Berk, do hereby will… AP: locker, knowledge where everything is, AF: calendar, OFR: mic closet, going to first position, EA: apron, LP: Aaron, pain of stage managing STUNTS, stage crew freshman: the future of stage crew, R-hall: My heart~(*}}}

I, Simon Blaustein, do hereby will… SBG- The program, BS- UFC Pres, DM- Wopo goalie, ND + SF- Yaffa’s Sanity, BP- 1 million followers, JM- 19, JW- Turf Toe Cure, ED- Lane 4

I, Julia Braunstein, do hereby will… COPA- excited for tomorrow DFVFH- rainy practices AB, MR, SF, SF-fifth member JD- bio buddies HK- walks IA- wakeup calls AS- twinning pj sets + sleepovers + chinese fire drill AG- sunday night dinners + cousin closet+ study guides SF- cookie connections + sunday goals + cookie fam SB- a juj like highschool experience CV- stargazing

I, Elliot Brockstein, do hereby will… LW JA BB OJ CV SS AG ON CK EH AG — the rock

I, Shira Brown, do hereby will… JR- wood rack w/ Gary come home, HK- Friday Night Challah, Treble ensemble- happiness and success, Stage crew- a safe haven, R-hall- continuous love and support, LP, AP, BF, AF,JR, CW – best of luck :), AP- all of my love <3


I, Abbie Cadkin, do hereby will… PI,EC,EB,PK,LK,AW: best 4 years, ES: fire department, SK: much love, LC: tik tok dances, the car, Cadkin legacy

I, Anabel Casieri, do hereby will… LE, OE, EK, EP, LS – my girls <3, AB, MD – forever n then some, TS, SS, IJ, AJ – childhood mems, SS – CWACOM, JR, CR – scary times at McDonald’s, IP, ZG, RL, AV, JA, LO, CP – DFVBD forever

I, Maddie Chalmers, do hereby will… 5150- forever and always; ZC- the basement; WDT- fun practices, Facebook; AW- WDT, car rides, 4L; JP, ER, AW, JS- blow up mattress in my dorm; ER- dance camp; JP- loves; CP❤️- kushi, zoom talks; DZ, DZ- fam dinners

I, Michelle Chen, do hereby will… AP, SU, MR, JK, MK, EL-food locker; EB Hon Bio-one of motzko’s ties; EL-bears/a decent senior year wherever you are; AL-yg seniority; EC-a country band act, also roll tide; RB-moran’s life advice, the back room; LP-a less spicy brain, spider-man tattoos, and all the serotonin; LB-handshaking issues and less than threes; EH+Q105-memories and gratitude

I, Lexie Cohen, do hereby will… LH- slow cts, AG, EG, LS- PRs, SB- xc sister gifts, AA- drives to school, Taylor swift, DFDG- an amazing season, MC- the car, Carter, my clothes, Elli

I, Livia Cohen, do hereby will… BS- Crushing hugs, DC- Good car rides, AP- Paint closet dictator, SU- Trips to marlena, P2 Advisory- An amazing next four years

I, Talia Cohen, do hereby will… Tribe: best 4 years, memories of a life time, MW,AF: blow up mattress in my dorm and b$, JH, JR, KC: gym talks, CR: car rides, cough dd, JB: cousin love, HA: secretary’s forever, EP, ES, HK, CR, JG, EB: to the next 4, MP, DZ: running buddies, EC: rb, AS: sat sk, LK: my <3

I, Jordyn Cohn, do hereby will… nour: a bed in my dorm room:)) DFDG: my whole heart JC: the car, my parking spot, taking the dogs out every morning LS: thorngang, drives to china, chipotle, all the food in the world ES: the best carpool, the ability to do a cartwheel BK: chaaaammmppp AG: best of luck in MVC, super fast season EG: speeeedy season, timmy LH: tay tay swift, the perc slide show LR: captain sparkles, sharpay AA/HR: BEST SIS AND FAM 4 LIFE MT: procrastinating going to 1st period CR: the best senior season SW: no more asthma AF: the most hype dfdg dj, best sis LB/BB/EG: 5- star starguard season Ruiz 4th pd: the best zoom energy

I, Zack Connell, do hereby will… Lyla – Phone Speech, Alice – painting floor, Brady – lighting


I, Alexandra Danielewicz, do hereby will… TD- jax, brick, morning singing sessions, travis, literally every possible ice cream shop, moran and kuhn., RS & DS-taking care of tata and jason-lolos ofc, LB-taking care of coach g and swim team and mingle runs :), HB-food runs with KS, rants about you know who, all crazy friday nights, FBO- memories and smiles for a lifetime, RB-rant sessions during softball, keeping you head up, always being loud and proud, KD & EP- my clothes, liquid, friday nights in bumble

I, Jordan Deutsch, do hereby will… KB- little sister, days at the rink, 6AM car rides, ice show DFFH- win all the HP games MR,SF- brown nail polish EN- shootouts SF,RS- defense banter LL- math class ES- sarcastic comments CS- tik toks and tropical smoothie cafe AL- family dinners while I am gone and our kids being best friends CG- the hot tub and Sherman

I, Jessica Dobrin, do hereby will… HZ: hairdryer, DO: the tiny little taco man, PB: my whole heart, TW: the ability to take things seriously, FS: a box of matzah, JI: 2 am Walgreens runs, TB: the best memories

I, Nicole Dobrin, do hereby will… DFDG: my entire heart and soul, LS: Thorngate, doughnuts, slow CTs, MT: high jump lessons, all of my organs, all of my inheritance. Mwah. LR: a positive mindset, sis4life, CR: activity planner, a million potlucks, AG: killer senior season, SW: no more 13.1! HR: also a positive mindset <3 love you. AF: a baby naming for purple and orange, JH: a million more laughs and so much dancing, JP: my APUSH notebooks, Corelitz Advisory: work days for life, Nour: an exciting group vacay to DC!

I, Kayla Drumke, do hereby will… GV- AMC, gram skills; ML- jersey mikes, essia favoritism; MD- mom’s acura; IS- dart champion; ML- un-bitterness, understudy power

I, Dana Dubow, do hereby will… TS: the sword, cake shakes, a ceramic bird; EC: facetime calls, a google doc, 33 rubber ducks; SL: friendship string lol, new pokémon, many cranberries; MF: my bat, den mother; KC: lungs, trainer visits

I, Hannah Dworsky, do hereby will… copa- frozone4ever MD- bangerz + cece + car rides LW, CV, RB, BA, SS- basement LB,AB,BG- wednesdays AW- tops! LR- nieghbors MF, SB- lil sis ily SF- Matthew + my closet DZ, DZ- hangouts DW- yoga Butterfly- marco AD, MF, SG, BL, BR- freakygirls TC- runs


I, Olivia Emerzian, do hereby will… gvt-chard hands/walks, Juliet’s playlist, great szn, AL-crisp wings, PG-dance, TH-our hood, MG-zona

I, Morgan Engelthaler, do hereby will… ME: PIRMA, BL and SM: Winston

I, Haley Erickson, do hereby will… To Eli, big leo energy. To Al, scaring freshman with giant boots. To Ella, all of the tiny plastic babies. To Oliver, squishmallows. To Carly, starland memories. To Lyla, crying in Clack’s office. And finally, to Alice, my raging caffeine addiction 🙂


I, Anna Fang, do hereby will… EG — GSOC carpool, make sure no one ever has to ask for a ride home. Also if LJ is still alive by the time I leave for college, you are taking him :), RS — fun times at TOPSoccer, SG — rides from EG, GSOC — Shaq’s leg, may it rest in peace

I, Vaughn Frankel, do hereby will… JF the car; RC + TK dhs puck; CG, NG, RB, BG lax squad; TK, RL, CG, ZS’s basement

I, Noa Friedland, do hereby will… COPA- memories 4life; MF- keys to the kingdom+ good grades; KM, RS- captain + the program; AL- the insta; HD- strikers 4ever; JP, SS, MF, MP- GMGGGGG; SB, HR- mia; AL, RT- officers; OS, AE- yaffa; MW, ES- vft; ES, SK, AW- Navickas; GSOC- all my love; KM- Judy + dhs; JG- my <3; AW, EB- tier 1 foreva; RN- SC 2019; HD- 12+ years of us; IK- bff; LG- u of m; EG- Mrs. Clark

I, Ethan Friedman, do hereby will… GF – Mom, Dad, and AJ, SS,BA,HS,JW,JA,GR – The Team, TM – Sachs and Mitchell, EM – Ker, BP,LK,HK,AK,DK,BV,EC – Love, AS,JG – Boys, KJ – .01, MB – <3


I, Brady Gagerman, do hereby will… BG PG- Legacy, BF- Chinese Food, RC TK RL BF- Puck team, AL- Bossef, ZM- c4, JLW- Chicken Tenders, CC BF- LR Corner, BG- Garage Light Duty, PG- Bruce, CG- Carl the Crab

I, Joshua Gallender, do hereby will… HKPL- Nothing better than the wheel, much love brothers, Fab 5- Yiff, NG- Ninja Headbands, DERS- No run in the first, JG ZS LW- Florel Park League Commish, JO- Gate, RB- Pre game caffeine, JG- Free Play, Junior Twitter Crew- Tweets in school, Sleeping in May.

I, Serafina Gargiulo, do hereby will… FBO- memories for life <3, HA- captain, hoodies, aux, my life, RS- chic, being early no excuses., TD- my entire existence, THE BRICK!!!, BP,AD,SL,SW- hirsch, AS- senior szn, KP- headbands and booty shorts

I, Jesse Garland, do hereby will… ZG – car, parents, legacy; Tribe – the mems; WDT – Jesse g fans, soccer games, state round 4; JP, ER – Dcomps forever;
LF, IS – DancEd, Miss Katie’s fudge; EG, CA, LF, MS – Whip arounds; JS – CA4G; AW – mark for judges; SB – talks in our formations; AL – cousin; KC – crash plans; JF – besties with cs partner; BM – drives; JA, BS – math squad; AS – CPL

I, Jordyn Gitler, do hereby will… 51: high school mems & goodbye tears, TG: my closet (if there’s anything left!!), JV: drives to lolos, LZ: my sisterrrrr

I, Rachael Glieberman, do hereby will… CW, ML, HK, EP-MTT, a normal show lol; AP, MC, EM-tape <3; SO-the seconds; S2s-cinnamon, my heart; NS-backstage talks, being a vet #favnewbie; AP-more good ideas; MR-fun converse; JS-having tall person energy; LP, RR-all the smiles; SK,JL-Cteen; EK, AW, EN-no drama, an amazing next three years; R-HALL-my whole heart and all my love

I, Zoe Goldberg, do hereby will… SW- pitch perfect, goldfish, reclining seats, NY slices, MW- my chins, the front seat, AA, EH, AK, NM- my camera, mom selfies, AK- frisbee golf/kickball skills, IP- debathy, ranch dressing, TF- awkward videos, badminton dj, GF- pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, Stafford 4/5 physics- peace, love, rock n roll

I, Ariel Goldstein, do hereby will… 51: 4L, AW, ER, JP, JS: cp, wdt, foreva, BG: car, ER, JP: dcomps, BP: din, neighbor, fam, LM: dance, MC: hoosier, nxt 4

I, Leah Gray, do hereby will… Tribe-asthma,panera, MM,AS,RL-angelosundays
IA,SS,OE-carn, KC-culdesac,exec, AL-cabin12, MW-colonypt, JR-teenboard, GVT-chardsankles, AL-julietsplaylist, [email protected], NS-topcourtmusic, EP-bitestoppers

I, Zack Greco, do hereby will… SG-CN, XCJR Ask-EM


I, Charlie Hart, do hereby will… MR – Among Us game night! :), CB, RB – Some AYSO Soccer shorts and a few fun facts to pass the time, LM – The entirety of Johnsburg, Illinois, and some more movie knowledge, EM – Comeback season, maintaining Twitter banter, EL – Obtain GLXC legend status, DC – PS5s and other methods of getting money quick as a teen, but most importantly cool sunsets, DF – Some real classes for your schedule next year and a few breakfast days along the way, JS – Hot takes, tights, and obscure baseball facts, BB – Luguentz Dort, JW – Even splits and some leg speed

I, Joe Healy, do hereby will… EH & JH The Bealy name, BS & EL the eldest Bannockburn reps on XC


I, Pam Irgang, do hereby will… K Worshippers: Macy, Lolo’s, Damon Salvatore, my sisters 4ever; AG: Jen’s car, CPK mac & cheese, Betty & James & August; EC: LK & JF, my sophomore water bottle; EG: HP Hills, Richard, BXCFF <3; JZ: Wayne; DFDG: Whitney Young, B$’s pancakes, all my love.


I, Evelyn Jaskowiak, do hereby will… AA – DJ responsibilities, EH – Aish, AK – Healy, EH AK BH – Lib Cult, SW – shotgun, NM – back row, EN – Zoe’s chins

I, Ryan Jensen, do hereby will… Kyle Jensen: girl advice; Lampy: goalie skills; Jack Wax: DND

I, Izzy Johnson do hereby will… DSDT: pasta party’s, no more x halls, upper, carp adventures GSOC: shaq, blue Gatorade, steak dinner JP: dsdt, captain, Greg’s custard EA: LF juice, carp mom, Halloween, Culver’s MD: coldstone PR: turf Jeep, janeypoo EG: gsoc, a new underclassman friend MC & TB: fast swims, our lane, ea back porch CU: an A in cs TS: a new neighbor bff AJ: a billion visits and munchy NOUR: my whole heart


I, Bree Kalina, do hereby will… EK – the car, sanity. LP/RR – my whole heart+soul, every hug that has ever been given, beach sunrises. JK – senioritis, stars, planets and distant galaxies. Liers Sop2 – superiority, cloves+spice. LP/SO – patty cakes. Treblers – A WONDERFUL SOPHOMORE YEAR, open coffee-bar, actual cafeteria food. APa/SU – the bestest stunts ever. APa/SU/JK/MR/MK/EL – food locker 😉 BS Shifters – spirit of bingus, mao masters. LP – Cotton Eye Joe. APo – , more friends in your own grade. BF – official “lighting dude,” build yourself a new light crew, revive wrench necklaces. EA/JF/HB/APo – a whole good time, six feet apart tho. Crew – all of my love, extrovertedness+athletecism (lol jokes)~(*}}}

I, Drew Kaplan, do hereby will… P.R: Kings. Love u all, DRB: woof woof midglog, HS: All state

I, Ilan Kaplan, do hereby will… Hannah K – the school the whole school be careful don’t drop it, Ben K, Jesse K, Max K, Juliet S – Honor to the family bloodline, our ancestors are smiling, Jesse K – Cool high school parties (stay safe), Jonah S – The title of Marching Band NJB; you’ll run the world one day, Jake K – Dozens of clubs we shared – lead them well, I know you will, Max K – Improv chops, the ensemble balcony, Will L – The remainder of my trumpet pride, Aidan C – All the good banter, you’ll use it best, Tim N – My identity, Noah S, Lyla P – G’veret spite, Riley R – My sister’s babysitter, the world’s best hugs, Maddi R – Middair timer cams and the kindest words, Band Advisory – Three more years of music, fun and success. You make me very proud!~(*}}}

I, Jonah Kaplan, do hereby will… Evan: The DFDC & all its problems, girl cars, some height. Jon: , the awkward Thanksgiving conversation, and the title of “Future ambassador of hype”. TJ: the ability to not choke. Lucas G: Squid & Scrappy, hobbies that aren’t creepy. Barber: control of your cul de sac, Maddi Ice/Spice/Nice/Lice/Vice. ColeB: The color white, outdoor adventure, the Dahlberg legacy. RyanB: The color black, near death experiences right before important XC meets. Moscow: all the incompetence on Country Lane. Lakemaker: Mid-D, GFish Ridge Road banter. David: dumb questions & weather discrepancies. Satyr: pants for the winter. BobbyG: Viki’s Boyz.

I, Hayden Katz, do hereby will… No U: Love you all, MM: Best friend forever, LK: Car, college talks at dinner, EF, JG: I will you to will me Mike Smith, Gal, EC, JG: 4 years in the Krush :(, AL, JP: The best position in the school, CA: the Louis Baton, EC, BV: Wub

I, Isabelle Katz, do hereby will… DK: Car, 51: 50, MD: AMRAP, DF: senior teaching, SF CP: UF, LD: camp, MM: SMF, MC: SP, LB MM HD SS AG: cross

I, Jess Kaufman, do hereby will… MK-Chariot,Coinge, JK-BASS, AP-Max, MR-Rats!, GF-NGUNK

I, Joey Kleiman, do hereby will… LS,PV -male love interest, EL -nintendo, NS -4 pennies, AC -the clock, ND -hebrew

I, Brianna Kliebard, do hereby will… THE HERD- many visits, JS- forever, JK- the pugs (dog park at least once a week), Gus, dove, LR & NR- the street; LR- banana chips, NR- high school, RZ- a new favorite student

I, Carly Kohn, do hereby will… LD: Willmisswaffles, ES: JBFXOFHBFF, SF&MR: TG4FH, 51: Besties4L, EC: Travelbuddy, LK: chem.

I, Hannah Krengel, do hereby will… TRIBE-my pool ES- our runs EG-yogurt ES- lf JG-midtown JL-kimions AS/JH-/CP-ex/track

I, Asher Kriegel, do hereby will… CR-R100 door; JS-ceo of AA; EB-Sub 5; DF&EM-the new JR&AK; NS-Father Father, The King; ND-RHALL Runner; JG-Sunday Practice; MK-Kermit; TN&ZP-Baritenor power.


I, Lilah Landsman, do hereby will… SO – sandman forever, SO, AW, JS, MC – quartet, AP – the same brother, AP, MR, JS – making BAE history, EL – the landsman legacy, MK – love interest, RR – peer helping president, NS – circulars, JZ – always my buddy, EK – yellow and positivity, AP, MR, CR – treble advisory, TREBLE – my chorus memories, RHALL – my whole heart <3

I, Jordan Levitt, do hereby will… Nour: all my love, EG, MK, JF, ER, SF, RG, AS, HK: Who are we…, AF, OS: Etsy, success, tinley park, ES, HK: soil, schemes, malletes

I, Reese Liebman, do hereby will… TRIBE: the spot, bffs forever, GF, TF, Chicky: VBD, coach&the fam, SS, AS: flashcut @JW, KC: donev, palmberg, ES: kings cove, schemes, snrs, JG: polisci trial, CR: señorita p, duo 4L, IS: 1040, AW: rip rick&morty

I, Bella Lowis, do hereby will… FBO- memories for life <3, EP- my everything, LL- car and lk & d, BR- football games forever, LF- elementary bffs for life, IK- kitties and FL girls, CP- take care of zuzu and mine, TD &friends- the brick, EN- gibbo best team, SG- carpool and s&u, EE, SC, RS, HD, RS, AL, KM, RP- gsoc forever, EG, KD, MS, MS, JF, AK, EF- shaq


I, Eliza Mann, do hereby will… AL: Wings&Things, MillionsOfVisits, Nooners, my<3, ES: CRC, Knight, Everything, EN: Two-A-Days, EN.ES.MR.SF.SF: Fock, Meatball, BigStickEnergy, St.Louis, SG.AG.GP: FutureOfFockey, EM: OtherEmann, TheFam, MannLegacy, FamilyDinners, Claws, KC.CJ: Muffins, KC.CJ.AL.RT: Stuco, Sponsors, LateNightMeetings, StrongholdCastle, CS: MyLove, Forward, LL: Fockey:), SF: Cousins;), JR: TaskMe, AL.ER.ES.JR.MW.KC.HA: TheBestSnrYear, KB: Benefit, Forward, LotsOfGoals!, CG: Bread&Pasta, HonraryMemberOfTheFG, CrumblCookies, 7Rings: DrippyDoodles, MyEverything, Foreva!!

I, Avery Martin, do hereby will… I will emh stirling rd, my neighborhood ranking, being good at just dance, and bwm. I will sgw driving kmp too early to the train and union station jamba juice. I will rls all the Zupas strawberries

I, Brent Meilman, do hereby will… Jonah Satyr: My Dishwasher and NyQuil, Carson Amstutz: My Ex-Wife, Ben Whiteman: My Old Mohawk and Freshman Year Homecoming Poster, David Fisher: My Favorite Cereal, Blueberry Cheerios, Jeremy Lamm: Every McDonald Pie, Jack Pinsky: Mount Rushmore, Avidor Wolkenberg: A Buzz Cut and a Weed Wacker, Ethan Schott: All of my Caruso Merch, Jack Gordon: A Track and Field Event Order Quizlet, Noam Dor: The Red Dor Spa, Drew Spiegel: A Dream Catcher and a Long Freight Train, Spencer Meyers: Ms. Holt’s Glow-in-the-Dark Baton, Sophie Meilman: Longer Legs and Common Sense, Carter Levinson: My List of Pick-Up Lines, Jeremy Levin: Plain White Bread, Julian Albulescu: Bibi’s Right Shin Pad and a Watering Hose, Jake Kamen: My Automatic Card Shuffler, Ethan Blacher: My Collection of Space Jam Movies

I, Maddie Miller, do hereby will… CM: Auggie + Jeep, MP, MH, DS, AG: the crease, EH, RB, AA, AK, MT: PM, Kirby + JP, Dons, MP: officially Maddog, ML + CM: Monday night drives

I, Morgan Millstein, do hereby will… 5150: best friends forever., IK, SC, MC: first friends —> forever, HK: Best 2, CM: late night snacks, LS, LK: Art Rocks
LW, LD: Hanukah dinners, fam friends forever, AB, BB: tigers, family dins, swimming at nanas

I, Aiden Morrison, do hereby will… PV – Open invite to Champaign any day of the week., JW – #16 for Strim and me (this is a command not a request). I’ll be flying over your games to make sure you’re wearing the right jersey number., JB – Honorary black belt in every known martial art. Also jersey #15 for Strim and me., AS – Donev’s heart. Pray Dean Palmberg doesn’t take over the school., NW – Shore’s ankles (take good care of them they’re very broken), CA – Master of DFMDC. Break 50 for the boys., MN – My snap so you can send me a pic of James wearing #16 every game. Oh and PLAY KEEPER., PV (again) – Make sure my parents don’t go crazy.

I, Jack Murphy, do hereby will… JW: The good yellow kick board and the fastest kick in the JV lanes, NM: My radical centrism and your old phone, PS: Some body fat so you can stop being cold, BB: I grant you the title of Shifu, enjoy the dojo


I, Rachel Nieder, do hereby will… KC+CJ: hockey emojis, sandwiches!, E114, JL+JP: the best 3 weeks, MR+JS+AP: cohort, MTCO, MR: carrying LG for 1 special scene, good girl, JS: KK, forced deerfield idol performances, AP: 2nd act power ballad, being older than me, SO: my first bucky’s, EK: my aura, MC: knee slappin, JN: IL legacy, only child, Advisory: 7 minutes, Nour: the summit, forever friendships, Stuco+R-hall: all my love~(*}}}


I, Lille Ochs, do hereby will… Elizabeth Healy- benergy, Brady Conway- being the best student in math class, Parker Slusky- ceramics class, PM- footprints and kairos, Samantha Weissennerg- car rides and C on free, Abigail Albrecht- forever my freshie


I, Boris Pandulev, do hereby will… BB AW DM – Back to Back Champs, BB – Carpool, JR WB AH – p.o.o., BG – Stick and Ball, NH SS AB BS MI PM PC RT – Teammates, LK BV AK EF DK EC HK WS – My Brothers

I, Cece Petrasek, do hereby will… JD: my cat eats flowers. u get it. you an my mom are closer than we are LH & CB: greenlake. TF: i was mad at you for an entire year but ty:) an id leave u for mclovin. AC: loml always. ZG: lets finish lorax. MD: realest ik. RW: bday twins. AT: endless rants. AM: il is better than cali. SW: life is soup an we r forks. JD: ur in here twice bc obviously. badminton: happiest moments of my life an hs years

I, Sophie Picklin, do hereby will… Z- lifetime of mems, SO,JS,MC,AW- quartet, NS- bday clap, GN- Italy, ND-dance, SO,JS- fam, RR- chauffeur, MR- only 2nd sop, AP- curly girls, EL- passenger seat, SO- Q&P down the hall, SU,JS,MC,AS,JZ- sop 1s, JS- F’s sausy, MK- love for music, GP- take care of the fam <3

I, Ellie Polen, do hereby will… Tribe- bffs forever <3; DFVFH- best season ever; LP- jeep; TC, HK, CR, EB, ES, JG- roll badge; HK- sunshine; BL- playdate on loop; LG- late night fts; AW, AS- BHC

I, Katey Polovin, do hereby will… DS, SS, LF – lax carpool; HM – dhs scouts

I, Anastazija Pomelov, do hereby will… RC: D1 babies, JA: the basement, SW, NM, AK, EH, AA: the best season, love you all

I, Evvy Procell, do hereby will… CW – the stamina to get thru snr year w/o me :’), NS – pls continue being Leslie Knope’s posterboy. ily., ML – my mom. u can have her. y’all are basically besties anyway., RR – keep lighting up every room with ur smile, i appreciate you so much, LP – i see u, u see me, we see each other… LOL. ily kiddo. keep ur head up., EK&SZ – i forgive y’all for being cooler freshmen than i ever was. keep up the swag.

I, Josh Puyear, do hereby will… steins: that one hype band…, mill’s mess to clean up, Carole, Lakemaker: Kettle Moraine, black bean burger recipe, Moskovitz:, Jon Wool: uncle Scott, Scrap monsters: precisely 2 kit-kats, Ian: my invisibility cloak and wand, Josh P: being Josh P., Adams Field: a pull-up bar, Jack Gordon: Kenton, David Fisher: Kingston, DFDC: infinite FaceTimes, TJ: scrappies, impressionable freshmen, jackthenomad: my backyard, Sportsman, Rush, Tom Petty


I, Jack Reddy, do hereby will… To Al, the Prop Hammer. To Luke, the car. To Lyla, the prop shop. To Julia, my chaos, use it wisely. To Harry, my wisdom, you’ll need it. To Zach, my lightsabers. To Hayden, my lucky d20. To Kiel, my DM screen. To Eli, my patience and my quirk. Eat this! To Aidan, a lightbulb thats not haunted and won’t ruin our take. To Alice, the time we talked about TAZ. To Kyle C, the Trial of The Fool commemorative T-Shirt. To Justin, the funniest videos in the world . To Josh, Lucario.

I, Camille Rivera, do hereby will… CR: a spot in my dorm, HK, ES, EP, TC, EB, JG, DS: my next four :), RL: math boys forever<3, daily facetimes, gsoc: endless dubs, shaq, tribe: 7.14% diversity, EN: gibbos heart

I, Jeremy Rosenblum, do hereby will… The New JR&AK- DF&EM. Jeremy gang- JL AA-JS Cornbread-KB 50s on 5-JS DF 5:10 LT-JG pt-JP

I, Ava Rosenthal, do hereby will… 51, BK-loves, LS-midtown, HS LB-fam, SF- math, NF LM HD SS JB- <3, MF LS CP MP- kt, SG-summer

I, Sara Ruelli, do hereby will… RS-car rides & unlimited visits, TD- take care of shaps, DS & BR- shrink, SW- endless drives 4L, MF- the corner forever


I, Skylar Sachs, do hereby will… BG,LB,DZ: vglax HD,NF,LM,JB: my basement couch, the hill, taco bell, road trips AW: carpools MD: my battery DS: highlights

I, Emma Schaffel, do hereby will… (EH, AA, AK, NM, SW)- DHSGVB and a spot in my dorm whenever, (RT, HA, SF, SK, AW, RW, KC, PT, ES, SC)- the best club ever, (JL, HK)- E&C for life and 28, Tribe- Happily by One Direction, AS- I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes and dunkin hash browns, (EC, AS)- the OG dunkin and upper, (HK)- crossed legs and facetime calls, (RL)- drives, Julio, and the playlist

I, Daniel Schraiber, do hereby will… JP, MP, MW, SS- GMG

I, Tyler Schreiber, do hereby will… DD: the game, HP, Noodles, being helpful, alrightness; LL: the defense, goggles; CS: frustration/rants, lip twins, pregame homework; EC: Domino’s, Spanish cookie; MK, EN, MR, SF, SG: double sports, DFFH: the fun, roommate struggles; GSOC: pizza, coyotes; SL: crochet hats, marble; Kenyon 4th: Luck (you’ll need it), my work time, fun & games; Homeroom: RPS tournament, donuts

I, Ava Selbst, do hereby will… TC, EC – kushi, JB – quinn, AW – camp, GF – boys, TC – mistor, ES – drives

I, Becky Shamberg, do hereby will… AS: The car, empty water bottles, allegra, unlimited runs for the border. GSOC: shaq, blue gatorade, no more x halls, steak dinner. JS: Sunday school challah, unpaid internship as Maya’s older sister. NS: Tedx license, all the meetings, finding the letters. Mathletes: capri suns, subway, all the awards I never got. Nour: my heart forever

I, Sam Shapira, do hereby will… I leave Noah Meyerhoff all of my rejected flipside articles to publish once I’ve graduated so nobody can be held accountable for them., I leave my political hot takes to Nick Shapkarov to correct people who have wrong opinions., I leave my guide to recruiting back of the room delegates to Samantha Feinberg.

I, Joseph Shimamoto, do hereby will… NF – Sachs Pass; RG/CN/NF – Goon Reprisentatives; CN – Sweedish; AF – Goggles JW – My Lane

I, Drew Shore, do hereby will… NF – Sachs Pass; RG/CN/NF – Goon Reprisentatives; CN – Sweedish; AF – Goggles JW – My Lane

I, Ava Silverglade, do hereby will… 5150 – my life & all the mems (AR, AG, CK, IK, JG, JS, LB, LB, LF, MC, MM, SC); WDT – full out forms, state round 4; AW – WDT <3, abis; ER – 7th; JP – compsci; KC – GC; JS – id; SB – our trick; CC, MC, WB – fam; CC – dance; MM, LG, RL – next 4

I, Talia Solomon, do hereby will… puppies- my whole <3, EG MK- pro contemp and blow up mattress in my dorm, dfvfh- meatball, St. Louis, the best season, EN- mid for life, SF- LF lax, LG- morning rides, LF CA EG MS- Kelly, HK RG JL LR- dog shirts, AS ES ER RG SF JF HK EG MK- otg fam forever

I, Jillian Sondag, do hereby will… RS- jeep, 5150: memories, LM: stas & next 4, WDT: hey ho forever,

I, Landyn Sparacino, do hereby will… JS & JK: allll my love, endless hugs, Friday nights, D&D, tent sleepovers, obscene white board drawings, disgusting and confusing dreams, the best senior year, a band trip (hopefully!), a visit or two to Northeastern :), partial custody of my son JK (you’re welcome, J$), and our Jam for Justice Big Band!!!, MY YAZZERS: jazz juice :O, swimming turtle hands (LL&JL), all the confidence in the world to solo (for you, WL), the best year of WMB, VH, CONCERT BAND: a great next three years of high school and band, a whole lot of love, and pencils galore, RP: literally my entire heart take it from me right this instant, queen. OH and endless Game Pigeons, iMessage videos, and the next three years (and beyond!!) to love a best friend ;), INTEGRATED JUNIORS: the best friends and sources of happiness <3

I, Adam Spector, do hereby will… BA- focus,gorillas,benergy,garages, MD-Johnny juzang, CV- last one in deer run, BG- mexico bathrooms,lacrosse dubs, HS-The twins, JB, TG, TA- my youngins, love you boys, SS,GR,JW,JA,BA,HS-The team, CP- my heart

I, Ben Spiegel, do hereby will… I hereby will my car to my brother (sorry), the smash hit critically acclaimed song “I’ve Got Your Number” to sf, the smash hit critically acclaimed song “I’ve Got Your Number” to nm, the curse of my stucon legacy to em, the curse of my dfdc legacy to my brother, infinite shaved ice to sf. The rest can go to charity. Oqualo forda sodema.

I, Isabel Strauss, do hereby will… Tribe: best friends 4L, never driving xoxo, SO: sandman, my <3, SO, MC, AW, JS: quartet, RR: car rides, new girl, insta stalking, MC, JS, HK: roma, NS: dna, snoraliers, KC, JR, JH: gym gossip, MR: hubby, AP: midriff, teen mommas, TN, WH: concert choir, JR: son, groupchats/fts


I, Brett Toban, do hereby will… MB – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, PV – My remaining blister patches, SM – JS, SF, EP, JG – 69 E Madison St, Chicago, IL 60603


I, Alex Vigder, do hereby will… Paul – my mistakes, Simone – amazing vibes, Ina – captain energy !, The badminton program – my love and gratitude, R hall – my love and gratitude

I, Sam Voigt, do hereby will… JL-Drive home, CL- Cool Socks and Leader of JV Goons, CA – A track season where you don’t fall, ND – Better jokes, AA – Andrea’s Energy, RB – Tape, PF – Successful Twitch Channel, Kaps 6th Period Gym – A sport other than softball, PMs – Retreats, DS – Carson

I, Caroline Vuckovich, do hereby will, Nour: my whole heart, DFDG: all my love, EG: a fantastic senior year, plenty of pr’s + no crumbs.


I, Ariel Weil, do hereby will… SW – the beemer, Tribe – the spot, and my heart, NF – df road starbs drive-through, EB – social distancing, EP – head over meals, BP – unlimited college visits, EF – foodstuff drives

I, Reid Wilson, do hereby will… I will Max Warady a head of fiery hair and a turbo charged backpack. I will Lucas Lewit every upright bass in Deerfield High School. I will Varun Goel the chicken in the orchestra room. I will Jake Kamen a plate from Roti and a speedometer. I will Jonah Simon a high-pitched ringing in his ears that only goes away when he hears smooth jazz. I will Autumn Schmidt a Klondike Derby sled. I will Robert Krebill a conversation with Gilbert. I will Carter Madura the markers in the orchestra room. I will Joya Weissman the orchestra advisory. I will Henrik Lewis a backflip. I will Shai Kaszynski a front handspring. Finally, I will Mark Goldenberg another year at Deerfield High School.

I, Kyla Wolski, do hereby will… AP: two voices one song, classiness, plastic easter eggs, chris pine, an amazing senior year, Dsdt: state, pasta parties, fast times, fun times, df idol, lots of xmas spirit, NW: bose, dachshunds, fast swimming, fast running, state, the Wolski legacy, a great next three years


I, Ben Zamler, do hereby will… The Flag- DF- U will get it after awards night, $1,000,000 ring- KJ, The fam- NZ, DFDC grill- DF- I will get that to u immediately lololol

I, Chad Zamost, do hereby will… MK: Look Behind you, EA(+JF): Circle gets smaller, BF: Head Usher, LP: Clack patience, MR: Bean Throne