2021 DHS Retirees


Gabriella Rodriguez, Staff Writer

To all of this year’s retirees – good luck in your future endeavors, DHS will miss you!

Greg Kapsimalis

I have been at DHS for 28 years. One of my favorite memories was coaching in back to back super sections in 1996 and 1997 at Northwestern. During my time at DHS, the relationships with students and colleagues were the best part of the experience. For students in the future, I’d say to get involved in as many different activities as possible and don’t sweat the little things.


Judi Luepke

I have been at DHS for 17 years. I’d consider the best part of my experience to be working with an incredibly talented, hardworking, and caring group of science teachers. I have enjoyed all of the students I have taught! I had a very special group of students many years ago who called themselves “Bio Friends for Life” that I will never forget. To all the incoming students: make the most of your time at DHS as it has so much to offer! You will appreciate it once you leave.


Kevin Marsh

I have been at DHS for 30 years. I chose to be in education because I wanted to make a difference in other lives. Working with students in our school over the years I have been here has been very rewarding and gratifying. From the time that I’ve been at DHS, I feel that School Chest is one of the very unique things our school chooses to do that has made a great impact on others’ lives. This event makes a difference, and I am proud our school does this. Advice for the future: please remember to be kind and respectful to everyone you have a chance to be with. This will carry you a long way in every aspect of your lives.


John Sullivan

I have been at DHS for 22 years. I had a great time with teaching and coaching. There are so many positive memories over the years, and it’s very hard to name just a few. The best part in my experience was being part of the PE department and head coach of the swimming and diving team. They are my second family. I would like to thank them for all the support over the years. For future students, I would like to say to get excited about the future, work hard, have fun, and set high goals. With your goals, be happy but not satisfied: always move forward, don’t get stuck when something gets in the way, and always find a way to move forward.