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Romi Oppenheim
Romi Oppenheim is a passionate DHS senior who is beginning her second year on the Deerprints staff. She stayed in the class because she loves learning new information and has a desire to bring unknown stories about DHS into the forefront of our news. When she isn’t writing, Romi loves plays basketball. She enjoys every moment, both on the court and off. Playing on the basketball team has taught Romi that team sports are incredibly important both athletically and socially; the experience has taught her how to work with others and with her own emotions. In her spare time, you can find Romi with her friends and family gathered around the television watching the sports channel. Romi also enjoys Lou Malnati’s cheese pizza (she even claims that it is better than anything that her hometown, Michigan, has to offer!). In her future, Romi wants to live in the Chicagoland or go back to the state of Michigan to work as a pediatric surgeon or journalist.

Romi Oppenheim, Staff Editor

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Romi Oppenheim